I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

― Ed Sheeran (via psych-quotes)
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All you guys do is fight.

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Everyone just spare 1:09 minutes and watch this. Omg.


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my anaconda don’t want none unless ur gonna pay my college funds

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don’t u hate it when u wake up and ur awake

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100% pure korrasami

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"The dialogue exhibited a level of literacy that might startle those who think that all Saturday-morning cartoonery is brainless; there weren’t many other programs in which one would hear a middle-schooler [Tish] congratulate her comrades by proclaming “Kudos to us!” Nor was there an abundance of animated series wherein a nervous preteen drama queen [again, Tish] was shepherded through her first appearance by the ghost of William Shakespeare. Particularly pleasing was the series’ depiction of its adult characters - not the anal-retentive, rule-imposing tyrants we’d seen in so many other cartoon weeklies, but instead as recognizable human beings with affectionately detailed personality quirks.
This was precisely what was so unique about the program. The Weekenders was a conscious, symbolic break with the traditions of television animation aimed at “tweens”. It did not attempt to portray any of its characters as stereotypes; instead, it celebrated the uniqueness and intelligence of all its characters, without sacrificing humor in the process. Thanks to the clever writing and directing, and the skilled voice acting behind its four leads (the four performers were never better, particularly Marsden and Soucie), it was an approach that really paid off.”

- Excerpt from America Toons in: A History of Television Animation by David Perlmutter

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I live on both sides of the fence. And my grass is always green.

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i love dragon type moms so much

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